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How to make your eyes look bigger like lady gaga?

I want to make my eyes look bigger like lady gaga's eye makeup. Can you give me any idea?
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  • Marissa edward


    In order to let your eyes look bigger like lady gaga's eyes, you could just choose the colored contact lenses. It will not only let your eyes look bigger but also make your eyes have the color that you love. The eyes will be charming. You could just go to the online stores with good reputation to buy one pair of contact lenses.
  • ellochkablecy


    Well, it seems that you are not quite content with your eyes. At any rate, there are some ways out there for you to choose. In the first place, a conventional way to make your eyes appear bigger is making them up with some cosmetic products, but you should be careful not to let them get into your eyes. Also, you may try to wear contact lenses which are able to give you your desired effect. You can have a look at Walmart, which is a good alternative for you.
  • Myra Taylor


    You know that lady gaga's big eyes partly thanks to makeup,so if you want your eyes bigger than hers, you need to learn how to make up. First of all,you need a picture of lady gaga,then analyze it, just see what kind of stuffs do you need to draw your own big eyes. Secondly, you should buy those stuff, then ask the shop assistant for help. The can guide you how to use them correctly. Actually, if you scarcely have idea of makeup, you can do the first step with the second step together. Last but not least, draw your own eyes based on lady gaga's picture, but ,draw the eyeliner longer than hers and use the eyelash extension more to make your eyelash longer.

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