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How to get double lid eyes naturally?

I want to have double eyelid. Is it possible to change the look of my eyelid? Is there any natural way for me to get double eyelids?
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  • cook


    Yes, it is possible for you to change the look of your eyelid. You could use the double eyelid post on the place of the eyelid. It will look natural and make you get the double eyelid. As we know, the beauty surgery could also make you get this effect. People with double eyelid will look beautiful at the eyes which will make their eyes look big and spiritual.
  • Alexa joyce


    Yes, there are many options for you. 1. You can use double eyelid glue or double eyelid tape to change your eyelid into double ones. Clean your eyelids and stick the tape onto them or apply the glue on them. 2.You can have double eyelid surgery to change your eyelid permanently. But all surgeries have their own risks and complications. Think twice before you make decision.


    It is impossible to get double lids without surgery or help of tapes and glue. Since you are born with single-fold eyelid, there is nothing you can do about it. If you really want to get double lids, I suggest you to have a surgery which is safe and has low risk. Certain ways of make-up can also achieve your purpose. You can google some videos or pictures that teach you how to make your eyes look more beautiful. A clip may also help you. You can wear it for twenty minutes in the morning. By doing this, you will have two creases on your lids during the rest time of the day. However, this will not give you a natural look. Try double eyelid tape for ten months, the effect may be amazing.

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