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Austin gerard


How long should i wear new glasses ?

I have get my new glasses. But i heard that people shall not wearing new glasses too long because our eyes need time to adapt. Really. If so, How long shall i wear my new glasses?
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  • tuener


    Yes, that's right. The first time you wear a new pair of prescription glasses, your eyes need some time to adapt to them. The first day you can wear them for four hours and you can add two hours per day gradually. The second day you can wear them for six hours, and the third day for eight hours until you get used to it.
  • etilnus


    Do you have the change in the prescription? If you have, you should wear the new type of the glasses for about an hour and have the rest for the eyes. Actually about three days' wearing, you will adapt to the new eyeglasses. However the nose pad of the new eyeglasses will be tight which will leave the prints on your nose. You should adjust the nose pad position to make you feel suitable.
  • b3a2b3y


    Different people's adjustment period is depend upon their individual situation, it can be several days or several weeks. It's normal for people feel discomfort when they put on a new pair of glasses for the first time. And if you still can not adjust your new glasses and experiencing difficulty feelings, tell it to your doctor and recheck the lenses.