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Savannah taylor


How do you know if you have blurred vision ?

I just wondering about blurred vision. What does it feel like? How can i tell if i have blurred vision?
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  • Sally


    Blurred vision is your vision unable to see fine details, what your saw is seems blurry. Blurry vision can happen at any distance and any age. It can be caused by many disease, such as myopia, presbyopia, dry eyes, migraines, cataracts and so on. And some of the blurred vision can develop to blindness. Visit an eye doctor and have a check to prevent it become worse if you get blurred vision.
  • Hunter


    When you have the blurred vision, your eyes will not see the images in the clear shape. One thing in front of you may be seen in two image because of the blurry images. If you have the blurred vision, you could use the eye drops to moisture the eyes and make the eyes feel comfortable. You could also do the warm compress to improve your eyes vision.
  • Isabelle


    It is understood that you can't distinguish things clearly if you get blurry vision, and the early symptoms are lacrimation induced by irritation of the wind, be afraid of light etc.Then, go to the hospital to have a check-up so that you can find out what's wrong. Making sure it's shortsightedness or other eye diseases, and choose right therapy method.