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Can crohns disease cause eye problems?

Is it possible to get some eye problems from crohns disease? Why?
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  • Mariah


    Yes, it is possible for you to get some eye problems from crohns disease because of the coming bacterium and dehydration. The crohns refers to the chronic inflammatory disease in the intestinal tract. There are many reasons to cause the crohns, such as bacteria and mold virus. The protozoon microbial infection, allergy and other reasons may cause it too. In addition, the long-term excessive fatigue, emotional and mental stress, malnutrition, chewing disorder, acid deficiency, intestinal parasitic diseases and so on are also the main reasons for the crohns diseases. However, your body is infected by the bacterium which will indirectly affect your eyes. Your eyes may feel dry which will feel uncomfortable. However, you need to take the medical treatment to cure the crohns. In addition, you'd better keep the good habit of good hygiene.
  • walkingthepaths


    Yes, if someone get crohn's disease, many different parts of the eyes can be affected. For example, the patients with Crohn's disease can easily get dry eyes or keratoconjunctivitis sicca, which is caused by the lack of Vitamin A. Those symtoms are burning and itching eyes.This disease must be diagnosed as soon as possible and treated well. Or it can lead to ulcers of the cornea. If the condition is more serious, it can lead to loss of vision!
  • Christian


    Yes, it is possible to get eye problem because of crohns. Nearly one in ten patient suffer crohns has eye problems linked to the crohns. The following are the common eye complications with Crohns, dry eyes, uveitis, keratopathy, episcleritis and so on. Yet it is hard to tell why it happens, after all there are such various complication and there are 90% of crohns patient who didn't develop any eye problems. Anyway crohns patients with any eye inflammation or swelling should go to hospital at once.