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What should eye pressure be?

What is eye pressure? What does it suppose to be?
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  • frieda Eddins


    what is the number the pressure suppose to be in your eye
  • Jocelyn david


    The eye pressure is also known as IOP. IOP is the short for Intraocular pressure, that the fluid pressure inside the eye. And usually, if you have high Intraocular pressure, you are likely suffered from glaucoma. Aside from glaucoma, people with myopia may also have a higher IOP than regular people. So, usually doctor can judge some eye problems or vision problems from eye pressure.
  • Jordyn


    The eye pressure is also called IOP in medical term. And the eye pressure is different from each person. In fact, there is no a "normal" eye pressure. Each person and each eye has a unique threshold. So, even if you eye doctor told that your eye pressure is different from others. It is OK. That does not mean your eyes are in bad condition. But eye pressure can reflect your eye healthy condition. But usually, the eye doctor will told if he/she find any problems of your eyes through eye pressure.