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Can i get lasik surgery if i wear bifocals?

Will it be okay for me to get lasik surgery if i wear bifocals? Why or why not?
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  • Shelby rodney


    Yes. It is possible to to correct your vision if you wear bifocals. There are multifocal lasik surgery that can can change the shape of eyes' cornea to create different power zones so that people see at varying distance. But it is the same as common laser eye surgery: It is risky to take the surgery. So, you shall consult an eye doctor and think twice before you take the surgery. Good luck.
  • Christian george


    Firstly, you need to know that lasik surgery is designed for correcting your vision and that is why you can get rid of your bifocals by accepting lasik surgery. Besides correcting your nearsightedness, it can also help correct your astigmatism. However, as you may know, any surgery must contain kind of risk so you need to consider overall before you accept this surgery. But as you also know, a lot of people in the world has done this and most of them are still fine. If you can' t rest assured to do that, then you had better keep wearing your glasses.