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How to get rid of glazed eyes?

I hate my glazed eyes so much, do you guys have any ideas of how to remove my glazed eyes?
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  • Diane Bradstock


    Glazed eyes are also known as glassy eyes that are usually caused by a physical condition in which an individual's appearance is marked by a wide-eyed stare in which the eyes take on a shiny or glazed look. To get rid of the glazed eyes, you shall check your thyroid. That because thyroid levels is a condition called hyperthyroidism or Graves Disease that can cause glazed eyes. If suffered from this reason, you can take medication properly to decrease the glassy eyes.
  • Melanie


    As far as I know, blood sugar levels are matter glassy eyes. Usually, people with low blood glucose levels, they will appear glassy eyes. Besides the eyes, people with low blood pressure may also suffer from weakness, trembling and irritability etc. If so, you can get rid of glazed eyes by eliminating sugar and white flour from the diet. You are also suggested to take more protein with each meal if you want to change the glazed eyes look.