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Alexander david


How to treat eye infection at home?

What should I do with my eye infection at home? Any useful suggestions?
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  • Jonathan


    Eye infection are usually caused by bacteria or allergies. To treat it, antibiotic eye drops are recommended. The eye drops work good to help eye infection. Besides, Chamomile tea, fennel seed, and marigold are also help fight against eye infection. In addition, warm compresses are also recommended to reduce eye infection temporarily. Anyway, personally, you shall consult a doctor in order to cure eye infection as soon as possible.
  • walkingthedog


    Usually, a warm or a cold compress can work very well to this. However, I am not saying this is totally useful. If it is not, then you need to visit your eye doctor for some mild eye drops. Personally, I usually get an eye infection but mine just recovers very soon. You can also try wash your face cold and clean water. I have heard that this is very useful. By the way, once one of my friends also recommended me to use a cold tea bag to compress my eyes but I have never tried that while I have heard that this really works well. Anyway, wish this could at least do some help.
  • Kimberley Scott


    I was diagnosed with pink eye,because of a virus that was already diagnosed.I was given antibiotic drops. After 6 days no relief! And now my other eye has pink eye as well.Cool water doesn't work! It burns my eyes!The only relief I can get is putting Chamomile tea bag in the microwave for 20 sec with some water. The warm tea bags soothe my bloody sore eyes! This is the worst pain ever!!!I'm going back to the doctor for a stronger antibiotic. Wish me luck!! Remember never use the same cloths or you will re infect yourself. Moist towelettes that you can throw away are best, but make sure there is nothing in them. Good Luck!

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