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What diseases can cause dry eyes?

Why do I get dry eyes usually? How come?
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  • Marissa edward


    Dry eyes are caused by the lacking of adequate tears. That means that your tears are not enough to keep your eyes moist. In this situation, you will feel dry, itchy and foreign body in the eyes. And dry eyes can be caused by long time focus on one thing (for example: computer screen). Still some people get dry eyes from laser eye surgery. And the most common treatment for dry eyes is using eye drops. Although eye drops and relieve dry eyes temporarily, it can't cure dry eyes.


    There are several causes that can contribute to dry eyes. It may caused by aging, it is natural process and we can avoid. Besides, environment can also the factor of dry eyes, if you always stay in a room with air conditioning, it will cause dry heating system, that too can dry out your eyes. In addition, if you stare at something that cause insufficient blinking, it can also contribute to dry eyes. So, you can treat the eyes according to their causes of dry eyes.