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Zachary garcia


What kind of glasses does kevin durant wear?

I like the way that Kevin durant wears his glasses. Can you tell me what kind of glasses does Kevin durant wear?
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  • walkingfetus


    Many NBA stars like to wear the glasses and contact lenses to show the personality which arouse the popular trend in the eyeglasses. It is the big frame eyeglasses that Kevin durant wears which look so cool and special. Many sports fans will tend to follow this trend and like to make them look special and unique.
  • Riley eddy


    To be honest, I can see that the type of glasses Kevin Durant likes to wear is called black glasses, big frame and black outline. At any rate, such glasses have become popular throughout the world. You can see them at nearly every optical store. Generally speaking, a pair of them would not cost you too much. Here I recommend MaxMart and Best Buy to you, for they provide lots of nice black glasses.

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