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Tyler charles


How can I encourage my child to wear the patch?

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  • Arianna griffin


    Some children tolerate patching well whilst others find it difficult. Your support is vital in helping your child to accept the patching. In older children explain the reason for the patching. For younger children try to make the patching into a game.Try to keep your child occupied when the patch is on. Consider patching at nursery or school rather than at home. The orthoptic department has charts for you to take home to record the days when the patch is worn. We also have sheets for colouring and drawing when the patch is on. Your orthoptist will probably offer these to you but if not please ask, they can help to encourage your child to wear the patch.
  • Benjamin gary


    Keep your child busy; distract them with drawing, reading, playing with small toys and watching TV. Encourage and reward them. Make it fun for the child. Persevere, it will get easier as their vision improves.