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What sort of patches will my child need?

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  • Mariah


    There are several types and brands of patches available. Some are stuck over the eye and some stick or fit onto the glasses. The orthoptist will discuss with you the best type of patch for your child and show you how to use the patches.Your child's eye doctor will recommend a type of patch that will be ideal for your child's needs. Patching aids also come in a variety of fun patterns. Allow your child to choose patches that appeal to the child, perhaps solid pink, or yellow with a dump truck pattern, or black with flames.
  • cmg6891


    You may have to experiment a little to find the patch that works best for your child. The adhesive on some patches can irritate a child's skin, so it may take a few tries to find the patch that works best. You can also try something like "Krafty Patches" that can be personalized with small stickers and other accessories. The classic patch is an adhesive "Band-Aid" which is applied directly to the skin around the eye. They are available in different sizes for younger and older children. For children wearing glasses, both cloth and semi-transparent stickers (Bangerter foils) may be placed over or onto the spectacles. "Pirate" patches on elastic bands are especially prone to "peeking" and are therefore only occasionally appropriate.
  • Allison walker


    There are two main types of patch. The first one is that adhesive patches stick to the skin. Advantages : hard to peak around, come in 2 sizes, various brands have different types of adhesive (some stickier than others to suit individual needs), available in most pharmacies and various websites on the internet.Disadvantages: Can irritate the skin, can hurt coming off, may be the more expensive option. The second kind is that felt patches are made to slip on over glasses. Advantages: rarely irritate the skin, washable, reusable, overall cheaper than adhesive patches, available in many optical shops and various websites on the internet. Disadvantages: sometimes easier to peak around, can only use these if the child is wearing glasses. Hope this helpful.