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Should the patch be worn at school?

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  • cheergirl024


    Many children tolerate the patch better at school than at home and the detailed schoolwork can help the vision to improve. However some children prefer not to wear the patch at school and you and your orthoptist will decide what is best for your child. If the patch is being worn at school you should speak to the teacher before starting the patching to explain that your child may find schoolwork more difficult with the patch on and to ensure that their progress is carefully monitored. You should also discuss whether the patch can be kept on at break times.
  • Michael?anderson


    In many instances, school is an excellent time to patch, taking advantage of a nonparental authority figure. Patching during school hours gives the class an opportunity to learn valuable lessons about accepting differences between children. While in most instances, children may not need to modify their school activities while patching, sometimes adjustments such as sitting in the front row of the classroom will be necessary. If the patient, teacher, and classmates are educated appropriately, school patching need not be a socially stigmatizing experience. On the other hand, frequently a parental or other family figure may be more vigilant in monitoring patching than is possible in the school setting. Parents should be flexible in choosing when to schedule patching.
  • exotic_scents


    Yes, personally I think it is necessary. In order to cure the lazy eye, we should insist to patch the good eye for a period of time. Even though school is starting again and many eye patchers are fearful of being teased. It's sad and unnessesary. They need to wear an eye patch to save their vision. They need positive encouragement from friends and support from everyone.