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Michelle percy


why is a proper fit important as to children eyeglasses?

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  • Zoe may


    Infants and children have relatively flat nasal bridges and glasses can easily slide down a child's nose. To prevent this special attention is required when fitting the frames. For young children, glasses are available which have curly sides around the ears, which is particularly useful for a child. Fixed bridges rather than nose pads often suit children with a small or flat nasal bridge. Your optometrist will be able to show you these options.
  • Guava


    A child's face is not as developed as an adult. A child's bridge can not support large, heavy eyewear. Therefore, the frames and lenses must be very lightweight and the proper size. Also, the temples must be long enough to wrap around their ears. Many Opticians use a cable temple. We do not like this type of temple because they are very uncomfortable to wear, not adjustable, and they usually pull the child's ears out. What we do, is use extra long temples that bend around their ears with no pulling on the back of the ears. This temple design results in a secure and comfortable fit for the child.
  • Hunter jackson


    It is especially important for children's eyeglasses to stay in place, because when eyeglasses slide down the nose, kids tend to look over the tops of the lenses instead of pushing them back up where they belong. When in doubt about a frame's fit, consult the optician. To ensure that eyeglasses do not slide or fall off, you might want to invest in eyeglasses with temples that wrap all the way around the back of the ear. Called "cable temples," this feature is especially useful to keep eyeglasses in place on toddlers.
  • David


    As the child grows, the glasses may become tight or uncomfortable. Glasses that are poorly fitted can easily slip and slide down and they become useless to the child, they may also be inconvenient.