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Noah rupert


How long does patching usually last if my child has lazy eye?

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  • Saarah


    The situation of each child is different and therefore the duration of patching therapy recommended is specific to each child. Typical duration range from several weeks to up to one year.Most children need to wear the patch for several hours each day. Your orthoptist will advise you on this. Patching should start as soon as possible. The younger the child, the more quickly the vision improves. After the age of about eight the visual system is fully developed and a lazy eye cannot usually be corrected.
  • gary


    Not too long ago, the patching was all day, but more recently, it has been restricted to 3-6 hrs a day.In the majority of cases this does produce visual improvements, though there is a great deal of variability.The end result after 6 months to 2 years of patching is certainly improved function in the majority of cases, but once the patch is removed the two eyes often don't work together as they should, 3D vision is often not obtained and the fellow eye suppresses the amblyopic eye, which eventually leads to some reduction in acuity.


    Usually patching is done on young children whose eyes are more easily trained. Since you are 18, it will take longer than it might have if you were still little. It really depends on the individual.