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My child will not wear his glasses. He says it's blurry with them on.

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    Children usually need a few weeks to get used to new glasses or to an updated prescription. Often children who have a negative perception of glasses will claim they see blurry to avoid having to wear them. Only if he continues to complain after one month of consistently wearing the glasses should they be rechecked to make sure that they are accurate.
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    We recognize it may be difficult at times to persevere with glasses for young children. It is important you encourage your child to wear the glasses, as treatment is more effective the earlier it begins. So make it fun, reward good behavior and enlist support from others to encourage, and distract your child, to wear the glasses as much as possible. If your child is old enough, let him/her choose their own frame. But be sure to follow your optometrist's advice about the proper size and fit because these are often more important than appearance of the frame. Be positive about the glasses and your child's appearance in them. Children's glasses can frequently be damaged and bent out of shape, which can make them uncomfortable to wear. If the glasses appear to be out of alignment, or poorly fitting, take your child and the glasses back to the optometrist.


    This is very common in the early days of wearing glasses. Your child may have been struggling with reduced vision for some time and now the brain and the eyes have to learn to work together with the help of the glasses. It can take some time for children to adapt to them, so please encourage your child to persevere. This is a very important stage of the treatment.
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    This can sometimes be a problem at first, especially for children who are along sighted. Before having glasses, your child had to make a lot of extra focusing effort to see clearly, the glasses are now doing some or all of this for them and this may take time to get used to. Research has shown that it can take children up to 18 weeks to adapt to their glasses and the vision to improve to its best level with glasses online.