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What eyeglasses frames are best for women?

Can you guys give me some suggestions of women glasses frames? I would love to buy one for my girl.
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  • Warren


    It is really difficult to tell what are the best eyeglasses frame for women. Choosing eyeglasses frame shall depend on your face, skin color, personality, also your clothes style etc. So, you shall consult your daughter first. Usually, for a young girl, there are many options. Bright colored eyeglasses (such as pink eyeglasses frame) will make her look youthful vigour. If you want to make her look mature with knowledgeable, you can buy a pair of black nerd eyeglasses for her. If you want to make her outstanding from a crowd, you can consider to buy some novelty eyeglasses for her. Hope these suggestion are good for you.
  • walker


    It depends. As you also know, there are so many beautiful eyeglasses in the world so it is not hard to find one for your girlfriend. I have to say how thoughtful and considerate you are! But you need to tell me what face shape your girl has. You should know that not every pair of glasses can look good on everyone. It depends on several factors such as face shape, hair color, skin and even her wearing style. For women, I think you had better not give her squared frame because according to my observation, women who wear squared frame show a big face to me. I think girls with a diamond face can have all kinds of glasses. Is this useful?
  • Victor


    Hey dude, different glasses suit different people fine. So I think there is no best frames, only most suitable frames. Maybe you can use Firmoo's Virtual Try-on System to help you pick a most suitable frame for your girl.