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How long to wear eye patch after cataract surgery?

After cataract surgery, someone suggested me to wear eye patch because i am sensitive to light. And i am here to ask how long should i wear the eye patch?
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  • Judy


    Of course, the doctor would ask you to wear eye patch after cataract surgery to avoid your eyes getting burned by strong sunlights. In general, you need to wear eye patch for one week, but if your eyes have a good recovery, you can remove them very soon. The saftest way is to take your doctor's instructions, because he will know when to remove the eye patch.
  • ebarnes1621


    It seems that you have just receive the cataract surgery, of course you will need to avoid sun lights for a period of time, typically, it would take you about one week before you are ok to expose your eyes to sunshine. However, it also depends your specific situation, so I recommend that you consult your doctor and follow his directions. Because your retinal is quite vulnerable to sunshien at this point, so try to pay more attetion.
  • Tyler charles


    Well, generally speaking, after the cataract surgery, you should wear the eye patch for one week. And if the recovery is good, of course, you can just wear it in a few days. As we know that the eye patch is beneficial, for eye patch can help to correct the vision. And also, they can protect your eyes from some damage and infection. And even to the strong light. After the surgery, your eyes are very sensitive and fragile, so it is important to take some measures to protect them and speed up the recovery of your eyes. For example, you should not have some heavy exercises, and irritants can be harmful too. so just be careful about it.