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Jocelyn griffin


How do i make my blue eyes stand out more?

I have a blue eyes Any idea can i make it look more attracting? Wearing colored contact lenses?
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  • Robert Johnson


    Yeah, wearing the colored contact lenses become a fashion these years. Even if you are near sighted, you could wear the contact lenses with high prescription. As the accessory, the contact lenses may let your eyes look shining and charming. If you want to make the blue eyes look more attracting, you could choose to wear the colored contact lenses.
  • Karin


    Indeed, wearing colored contact lenses can meet your needs. You can choose different colors according to your preference, such as you, you can choose blue to make your eyes look more attractive. In addition, colored contact lenses also can let your eyes become bigger and beautiful. But, you must know, at the same time, colored contact lenses also may bring you some trouble, so you have to be specially careful.
  • comingourloud


    Yes, of course you can wear color contacts which can make your blue eyes more nice and outstanding. I think under your situation, you can use color enhancing contacts with brown or green color. Because in this way, you’re blue eyes will be bluer and they also make the color of your eyes more natural. However, you should be cautious in your decision to wear these color contact lenses. For some individuals, due to certain eye conditions may not be able to wear them. And you must follow the correct procedures to make sure your colored eye contacts are clean and sterile.

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