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Michelle leonard


Will crying help pink eye?

Can crying help reduce pink eyes? Why or why not?
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  • Minaxi Patel


    As a people who often go to hospital for pink eyes, I want to tell you that crying has no use for your pink eyes. We all know pink eyes is also called the conjunctivitis, and also there are many kinds of the pink eyes. If you want to cure your pink eyes, you should find out the reason why you get the pink eyes. That is to say, if your pink eyes are caused by the bacterial, it is just a piece of cake because the antibiotic ointment or drops are very useful for the kind of pink eyes. Besides, your pink eye may be caused by the allergic problem. No matter what the reason is, you should ask for help from your eye doctor when you get the pink eyes, because maybe crying will worsen your pink eyes. Hope you are a lucky dog.
  • epyon_rebirth


    Actually suitable amount of crying will help reduce the pink eyes because of the discharge of the invisible bacterium in the eyes. If you cry a lot, you may find that your eyes may become so dry. And you will feel more serious at the pink eyes. Thus, you'd better not cry often which will be bad for the eyes because of the unbalance of the water in the eyes.
  • Faith


    No, I don't think crying can reduce pink eyes at all. Pink eye, which is also refereed as conjunctivitis, are very contagious. You need antibiotic ointment or drops to treat it because it is bacterial. Just keep self cleanness. In a word, crying can not wash out your pink eye, and you can use more useful ways to deal with it.

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