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How to know if your 3d glasses are working?

I heard that 3D glasses can help us get wonderful image when seeing movies. But how can i tell if the 3d glasses are working. Any idea?
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  • Matthew


    Yes, the 3d glasses are used with special material to let you see movies in the wonder image. If you want to find whether the 3d glasses are working, you could just wear the 3d glasses and watch in front of the movie, you will see the effect. Then you take off the eyeglass, you will find that you see the movie screen in the blurry vision. That means the 3d glasses are working.
  • Makayla raphael


    Yeah, you are right. We have to be sure that our 3d glasses are working when you are watching 3d movies, because you know without the 3d glasses, the images will not pop or be three dimensional. Here and now I will tell you some way to tell whether your 3d glasses are working. First of all, you can wear your 3d glasses for a few minutes to make sure whether the images in the movies pop out towards you. Namely, if the 3d glasses are the right and correct kind, you will notice the details pf depth and floats as you see. If not, then your 3d glasses are not working. Secondly, you can cover one of your eyes to see the movies, if the glasses are working, the eyes being covered will destroy the sense of depth and float. If not, you should ask for help from the worker in the film. Hope my personal advice can help you solve the problem.
  • emptybot


    All right. I know that 3D glasses are quite amazing which make you experience some great pleasure as if you are in the movie or something. Generally speaking, if you start to feel that what happens in the movie is around you and right in front of you, then the 3D glasses are effective and working. I suggest that you should follow the instructions of the 3D TV or the glasses to make sure everything is ok.
  • Unnaou


    Watch the movie for a few minutes while wearing the 3D glasses.See if the images in the movie pop out towards you or away from you. If the 3d glasses are the correct kind for the film,you should notice details of depth and float as you watch.other movies depend on optical tricks using perspective. However, the sensation of depth, float, and stereo vision is enhanced and made visually available when you wear a pair of 3D, 3D films work because two views of the same image are projected simultaneously. One image matches the polarization or the color in the 3D glasses' right lens. The other image matches the polarization or the color in the 3D glasses' left lens.