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Why does donnie wahlberg always wear sunglasses?

I just noticed that donnie wahlberg often wears sunglasses. I just can't understand why?
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  • Miranda clark


    In my opinion, donnie wahlberg often wear sunglasses just for the looks. As we know, the sunglasses are used to help our eyes from the uv rays and other bad lights. That is why a lot of people choose to wear the sunglasses in the hot summer. However, now more and more people tend to wear the sunglasses to improve the coolness.
  • Angela tuener


    Ok, from what you said, I can see you are very interested in donnie wahlberg , who is an American actor and singer, and famous for what he has done. It is true that he would wear different kinds of sunglasses from time to time, so as to appear more handsome and mysterious. You should know sometimes those celebrities also don't want to be recognized easily so as to protect their privacy. And, of course , it might be their personal habits.
  • Dylan


    Well, actually, it is normal for many famous stars who are always wearing sunglasses. First, we can say that by wearing sunglasses, it will make him look amazing and attractive. In common, there are many styles and frames of sunglasses. Anyway, it can just show the wearer's personality. Also, he often goes to some party where strong light can just hurt his eyes. So he can protect his eyes from strong light with sunglasses.