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Riley gary


Does vaseline help black eyes?

Can i use vaseline to reduce black eyes. Does it work?
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  • Shelby rodney


    Well, yes, vaseline can do a help to the black eye. As we know that black eye is due to a bruise or contusion, which is an injury to the tissue under the skin cause by a blow from an object. So eye injury, head injury can lead to it. According to some experts, by using it, it will help the pain and swelling go down. Also, you can try warm compresses on your eyes, and it can be effective to your black eye too. Anyway, just have a try.
  • catgay2005


    Yes, using vaseline will reduce your black eyes which could be caused by many elements because the vaseline could be absorbed by the skin and have the role of releasing the symptom. If you have the black eyes, you could have a try on using the vaseline which will make your skin be smooth to some degree. At the same time, you should drink more water to keep your eyes moisture.
  • Mya harris


    Well, perhaps there is something wrong with your eye skin. Anyway, it would be an awful thing to have black eyes, which make you less attractive and confident. So, it is true that vaseline is a very natural stuff, which would do your skin a lot of good. But since your eyes are quite sensitive, you'd better not do that. Instead, I recommend that you get some nice cosmetics with retin A or some other special products designed for black eyes. Also, try to pay attention to what you eat and how you rest.