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Sara scott


Does wearing eye makeup cause wrinkles?

I heard that wearing eye makeup can cause wrinkles. Is that true? How?
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  • handsome____boy


    Yes, wearing the eye makeup is possible to cause wrinkles because of the friction in the skin. You should do it gently. In addition, you'd better wash the eye makeup every night before you sleep clearly. You should not let the sediment of the eye makeup leave on the eyes surrounding parts which will cause the problems for the skin or the eyes.
  • Mya harris


    Hello, as far as I know, the popular theory is that wearing eye makeup can cause wrinkles. But in my opinion, makeup itself does not cause wrinkles, contrary to popular belief. But it is absolutely true that wearing makeup can contribute to skin issues if it is not removed properly and then it will cause wrinkles. And this can also be determined by the quality of cosmetics you use.
  • b3autiful_s0ul


    Ok, it looks like you are worried about your eyes a lot. From what I know, it is true that eye makeups would damage your skins in the long run, which is very terrible. So, I recommend that you try not to wear eye makeups all the time, your skin also needs time to rest and care. Because such things are somehow chemical, and of course unnatural, so just take care of your skin. A better diet and exercise would also help with your skin.

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