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Are ray ban sunglasses good for small faces ?

Can i wear ray ban sunglasses? I have a small face, and i think ray ban sunglasses are cool. Can i get good look with the sunglasses?
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  • clark


    Well, generally speaking, ran ban sunglasses can make people with small face look nice. But on the other hand, whether it will make you look well or not, it all depends on the face shape you have. And in common, according to some professional persons, people with long face should wear long frame glasses. Also, if you have round face, round frames may be helpful. Also, ray ban sunglasses are very good, for they are intended to protect the eyes from the sun while still looking good. So you can just have a try. By the way, the color of the sunglasses is also important.
  • Danielle


    I think you could find the suitable type of the ray ban sunglasses to match with your small face. The ray ban sunglasses are really good at both the design and the material which are worn by many famous stars or actress. If you want to be the special one, you could choose the ray ban sunglasses which are really worthy to own one.
  • Andrea


    Ok, I think you are going to get a pair of nice sunglasses. That is great news. Anyway, I should say, Ray Ban sunglasses are especially designed for athletic men, which means that small faces would be imcompatible with their designer sunglasses. So, You'd better consider other sunglasses instead. I recommend that Ralph Lauren, which provides all kinds of sunglasses for both sexes. You might as well take a look at them.

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