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Is yogurt good for your eyes?

I know that yogurt is good for health. But i just want to know if yogurt can do something good to the eyes?
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  • carolynx66


    No, yogurt has little to do with eyes. Sellers have overblown the benefits of yogurt like many other healthy food. Yogurt is made from fresh mild by fermentation of lactobacillus. It is actually a form of milk which is easier to be absorbed for human bodies. The benefits of yogurt include: 1.Yogurt improves intestine movements and relieve constipation. 2.Yogurt helps prevent osteoporosis. 3.Yogurt reduces blood pressure. 4.Yogurt guard women against vaginal infections.
  • Riley eddy


    Yogurt is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. A healthy amount of ''good'' bacteria in the yogurt can help prevent osteoporosis, reduce the risk of high blood pressure and high pressure in eyes, avoid getting inflammatory bowel disease. In addition, yogurt can help with reducing eye bags under eyes and prevent conjunctivitis.
  • John eddy


    Well, yes, yoghourt can be very good for eyes, especially dark circles and dry eyes. Generally speaking, yoghourt could effectively nourish, lighten and whiten skin. And people with dark circles even can apply yoghourt to treat it. For example, you can just make some yoghourt on the soft cloth, and then wipe it on the eyes. Also, dry eyes can be treated with it too. So you can just drink more.
  • Joseph bell


    Yes, yogurt is good for your healthy. At same time, it is good for your eyes because of the quickening speed of your digestion which will indirectly cause your eyes to be moisture. Your eyes will be bright to some degree. In order to protect your eyes, you need to eat more food with vitamin C which could also be useful. You need to keep on doing this. It is very helpful and workable.