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Richard Schneider


Can i reuse dried out contacts?

Is it OK if i reuse dried out contact lenses. IS it safe?
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  • Kimberly Y


    No, you can't reuse dried out contacts. Because dried out contact lenses have multiplied bacteria on the surface when they are exposed to air. If you reuse them again, your eyes may get infected. So you should take care of your contact lenses while you are using them. First, put the lens in its storage case and wash them with cleaning solution every day. Second, place the contact lenses in a recommended solution for at least one hour until they become soft. Third, if you find that the contact lenses are soft after soaking, you should stop using them again.
  • walker8016


    It is not safe for you to reuse the dried out contact lenses. Do you know why? It is just because when the contacts get dried, it will become very crisp. There will be much of the tiny wrinkles on the crisp surface of the contacts. They are very small for you to watch by your eyes directly; even you can not discover it. However, they really exist and it will damage your eyes, because of the direct contact of the two things. The dried contact lenses, the sterilizing function will disappear at the same time. As a word, the dried contact lenses will be not suitable for your eyes to wear. If you still continue to wear this lenses, the disease of trachoma, dacryocystitis, keratitis will induced by it. For the sake of your eyes hygiene, please take care of your eyes and never reuse the dried out contact lenses again.
  • cruelladeville0


    Well, as a matter of fact, it would not be wise for you to reuse your contact lenses, because you should know that each pair of contacts has got a period of duration. After the duration, if you insist on using, you will probably get infectious eyes and some other problems. It is totally unsafe to do so, and they may even scratch your eyes. Anyway, a new pair would be cost you a lot.
  • walkingwounde_d


    I am sure somebody, somewhere has done this and gotten away with it, but I certainly would not even think about it for my eyes. The lens will certainly have been in contact with environmental germs. No one knows which germs and whether they could be harmful to the eye. The cleaning solution is a cleaning solution, not a sterilizing solution and does not kill all germs. Additionally, the structure of the lens may have been compromised-edges torn, curvature changed, and have rips in the central zone of the lens.

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