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Fari Tackaberry


Can drinking alcohol cause bloodshot eyes?

My mother told me that not drink too much. it will hurt my body. Besides, it can also cause bloodshot to my eyes. Is that true? Why?
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  • Angela


    What your mother said is reasonable. When you drink too much, the alcohol which owns the volatility may stimulate your nerves. At first, it is your stomach that reacts. Then the eye surrounding nerves may get affected. That is why you may get bloodshot in the eyes. You'd better listen to your mother and drink little.
  • Isabel cook


    Of course yes, it would cause bloodshot eyes. Bloodshot eyes are known as red eyes, which are caused when the blood vessels on the surface of our eyes become enlarged and congested with blood. Because of there is no enough oxygen supply to the cornea. One of the causes of bloodshot is that you drink too much alcohol during a short period. Alcohol would expand your blood vessels thus too much blood would run to your eyes.
  • Melissa duncan


    Yes, of course, you will have bloodshot in your eyes, if you drink too much alcohol. When you have too much drink, it will irritate the nerve system and even make the blood pressure higher. In this way, the blood will flow to the eyes and make the bloodshot to eyes. Anyway, you should just hear the words what your mother have tell you. Don not drinks too much. It will not only do harm to your eyes, but also make your body worse.

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