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What type of glasses are fashionable at the moment?

It seems eyeglasses become a new fashion trend. But what type of glasses are fashionable at this moment? I plan to buy one.
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  • Angela


    Nowadays, the big frame eyeglasses become fashionable. If you want to show the calmness and coolness, the black big frame eyeglasses may be best choice. If you want to look young and fashionable, other bright colors of big frame eyeglasses can show your personality. In a word, the big frame eyeglasses will give you the fashionable feeling.
  • cook


    In my opinion, you can go and get one pair of rimless eyeglasses. Because they are the type of glasses which have a lot of advantages. First, they are not heavy, so if you wear them, you will feel very comfortable about it. Second, they are versatile and suitable for farsighted correction as well as nearsighted prescription eyeglasses. Because of this function, they are popular with many people. Besides, they are friendly to any pocket and fit into any budget .so if you want them, just go and buy them. But before you buy them, you should also know what kind of frame are suitable for you. It's very important to choose a right frame which can match with you face shape.
  • Christopher


    Vintage and aggrandizement still would be the fashion style in recently years. You know, circle shape always is the classical shape that will never outdate. Have you notice Harry potter’s round glass yet? That makes him seems more smart, cut and clever. I do not know if you are a boy or girl. In my opinion, girl suit light colored frame to make her active and clear; boy suit dark colored frame to seem full of wisdom, but what suit you most will weighting on your mind. Anyhow, those who suit you are the best. As long as your face is not so round, why no have a try to wear the circle frame sunglasses?

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