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What causes excessive eye discharge?

Recently, there are much discharges or eye boogers from my eyes. Why? Is that mean i meet some eye diseases?
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  • Jade james


    Eye discharge is yellowish, sticky substances that appear in outer of your eyelid. It's harmless and is a part of your body's natural defense system. There are many reasons can cause your eye produce excessive eye discharges. The most common reason is having it when you waking up in the morning. It can caused by makeup or extra oily skin. Or it can be infected by bacteria, which leads to a more serious condition, such as pink eye. On the other hand, you would have excessive eye discharge when you are sick with cold or flu.
  • debby truax


    This is the forewarning of the eye diseases when there appears the discharges in your eyes. The white discharges mean that your eye cornea gets the infection. While the yellow discharges indirectly show the problems of your liver. And the green discharges may show that your body has too much Cu. Thus, you'd better take notice of the discharges in your eyes. They are caused by the unsuitable use of eyes or other body problems. You'd better go to see the doctor and have a check.