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What are eye patches used for?

I saw some people always wear eye patches. Why? what eye patches used for?
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  • Matthew


    It's an effective and powerful tool for treating lazy eyes. Lazy eyes are also called amblyopia, which means your don't have the same vision in both eyes. That is to say, one of your eyes has poor vision. In fact, it's common to see young children have lazy eyes. The eye patch is made of soft cloth that the child can cover the good eye for 3 to 4 hours per day. Because of the weak eye muscle can be practiced to try to see object clear.
  • Kevin percy


    The eye patch is beneficial, especially to some kids who have got the lazy eyes. And the lazy eye patch can help them correct the vision so that it can do a good job to you. Also, you should know that these eye patches for kids are usually made of a soft cloth which tied to an elastic band. Then that is long enough to go around the head. So it will not make you feel uncomfortable when wearing them. In m opinion, it is very suitable for kids because kids are always naughty. Anyway, it will be a good choice for the kids who have the lazy eyes.
  • Eric quick


    I may also see little children wearing the eye patches and know that these can help them adjust the vision. Usually they have the amblyopia which is caused by unsuitable development of eyes in the growing period. Thus, the eye patches may help their eyes from the strong light and adjust the two eyes at the similar eye sight.

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