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Why do people wear non prescription glasses?

Are you one of those people wearing non prescription glasses, what are your thoughts on this please?
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  • 04/12/2012

    Well, I am not one of those people. In my opinion,those people who wear glasses with non-prescription lenses just want to let them look cool and fashion. Some people will look more attractive with glasses on even they don't need to wear glasses. So they go for non prescription glasses.
  • Olavi


    For those people who don't have vision problems, they can choose to wear non prescription glasses if they do want to wear glasses. Some types of glasses do make people look cool and fashionable. So people with perfect vision would go for the trend of wearing non prescription glasses. I would admit some people do look more attractive with glasses on. So people wear non prescription glasses just for fashion.
  • Cameron giles


    I often wear fake glasses or non prescription glasses because they make me look good in this way. And there are many non prescription glasses in eyeglasses shops. If you think only the person who has some kind of vision problems can wear glasses, you are totally wrong. Non prescription glasses will not make our eyesight worse. Some people can just wear them for fun.
  • cook


    I have a big face. I often wear a pair of big plastic frame to make my face look smaller. I do care about how people judge me appearance. I don't know why. I just care about that. And nowadays it is popular for young people to decorate themselves with frames. I care about what I do appear to other people and what I do make other people feel. Am I a kind guy? Ha-ha, maybe I am just a person with high self-esteem.


    Well, if I say wearing non prescription glasses is a trend, will you follow it? I think most of us will follow it. To some people, they can be very cute with a pair of glasses. Sometimes glasses can be used as decorations. We know that decorations can make us look more beautiful, so glasses do. Non prescription glasses will not do great damages to our eyesight. I strongly suggest you to have a try. Maybe you will find that they can make you look good too.