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Is a staph infection in the eye contagious ?

Is staph eye infection contagious? If so, how can i protect myself from staph infection?
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  • Elvis Presley


    Yes, the staph eye infection is contagious. Staphylococcus aureus is an important human pathogen, affiliated with staph which has a "flesh-eating bacteria" nickname. It is a representative of the gram-positive bacteria which can cause many serious infections. It can be contagious to the whole body and cause other infections. Staphylococcus aureus is the most common pathogenic bacteria in the human purulent infection which can cause local purulent infection. It also can cause pneumonia, pseudo membrane enteritis, pericarditis, even septicaemia, sepsis and systemic infection. The pathogenicity of s. aureus strength mainly depends on its produce toxins and invasive enzyme.Staphylococcus aureus is ubiquitous in nature, air, water, dust and can be found in human and animal waste. Therefore, food polluted by the chance of a lot. If you want to protect yourself from staph infection, you'd better keep the healthy diet and good rest which will help you avoid it. You must keep the hygiene habit.
  • Geoff


    Yes, the eyes can be easily infected by staphylococcus. If infected by staphylococcus, the patient needs to be treated with anti-inflammatory medications, such as the aeschynomenous medicine, to get the infection under control. And at the same time, you had better apply external treatment to your eyes to help increase the speed of recovery. To avoid getting infected with the staphylococcus, you should at least stick to the following several rules. First of all, when you have used your hands, you had better wash them clean with sterilized soap first, and then you can touch your eyes, which makes sure that the bacteria cannot infect your eyes. Secondly, you should be careful when you are buying meat, because the meat is a main media to carry the staphylococcus, and make sure there are no diseased portion on the meat. Besides, the meat should be cooked in the temperature of at least 80 degrees for thirty minutes or more, so that the staph can be killed. In addition, the conditions of storing the foods should be well-ventilated with low temperatures in case of forming bacteria.
  • Caleb murphy


    Yes, staph eye infection is extremely contagious. Staph infection is often caused by physical contacts. Staph eye infection is often transferred though sharing towels, eye makeup, bed linens with someone who has staph infection. Body contacts like shaking hands also transfer bacteria. Therefore, here are the precautions for you: 1. Don't rub you eyes with your hands. Clean your hands constantly. 2. Avoid going to public places like pools with bare feet. 3. Don't share your personal items like towels, cosmetics and contacts with others.