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Connor scott


Can uv rays cause cataracts ?

Is it possible to get cataracts from too much UV rays exposure? How?
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  • charmed83


    Yes, it is possible for you to get cataracts from too much uv rays exposure. If you don't wear the sunglasses outside under the strong sun lights, the uv rays will damage your eyes nerves and make your eyes become not healthy. You should take notice of this. In addition, the glaucoma could also cause cataracts which you need to pay attention to.
  • walkingjaded


    It is possible that UV rays can cause cataracts. When there is chemical change in eye lenses, cataracts will occur. If you stay in the sunlight for a long time, the UV will lead to the formation of free radicals which disturb the construction of the lenses thus cause cataracts. At the beginning, people are not susceptible to this change until their vision is obviously impaired. Since UV is a main cause of cataracts, the people who are exposed to sunlight for a large amount of time are prone to get cataracts. So, it is necessary for anyone to wear sunglasses whenever out in the sunlight. It is notable that people should also wear sunglasses even though it is cloudy, for in cloudy days the UV can also affect eyes.
  • andrew


    Yes, it is very likely that people can get cataracts from too much exposure to the ultraviolet rays, especailly those people who live in the plateau and those who are welding workers. The ultraviolet rays are very harmful to the conjunctiva, cornea, retina, and the crystalline lenses, and its damage to the eyes is usually permanent. A long time of frequent exposure to the ultraviolet rays can make the crystalline lenses degenerated and increasingly aged, and then the lenses will become muddy, which leads to the cataracts. The ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 280 nanometers are the most harmful to the cornea and will cause eye injuries. Therefore, it is very important for people to prevent the eyes from getting cataracts and other eye diseases by the ultraviolet rays. First of all, welders should apply standard prevention tools to protect their eyes when they are working. And people had better wear sunglasses to screen off the ultraviolet rays in the sunshine when they are outside on a sunny day. Secondly, people can take in much vitamin C which can prevent the degeneration of crystalline lenses, as well as amina acids, zinc, selenium and other microelements.

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