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Can playing video games give you a lazy eye?

Is it possible to get lazy eyes from playing video games? If so, what can i do to protect my eyes when i playing video games?
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  • walkidiot


    No, playing video games won't cause lazy eyes. Lazy eyes or Amblyopia refers to the situation when the vision of one eye go abnormal, resulting from not having developed as it should. The common causes of lazy eyes are strabismus,refractive error caused by other eye problems, and stimulus deprivation on this eye. The side effects of playing video games are dry eyes and eye strain.Playing video game doesn't lead to imbalance of eye muscles, so playing video games won't cause lazy eyes.
  • Christina keith


    Yes, it is very possible for you to get lazy eyes from playing video games because of the radiation from the screen. You need to protect your eyes. You could wear the safety goggles when you play video games which could protect the eyes from the radiation. You could also have the good rest after some time watching in front of the screen. That is very important.
  • Mariah shelley


    Yes, it is very likely that people can get lazy eyes from playing too much time of video games. Lazy eyes, or the scientific name as "amblyopia", refers to that the corrected visual acuity of people with prescrition eyeglasses can not reach 0.8 or more while there are not any other eye diseases after all the examinations on the eyes. When people, especially children, get addicted with video games or playing the games for a long time, their eyes will become very fatigue and tired. If your eyes have started to feel itchy and you have to rub the eyes with your hands, or you have to squint your eyes so as to see things clearly, then it may be a sign that your eyes are getting problems. If left untreated and if you continue usually playing, your eyes can have blurred vision, eye twitching, highly nearsightedness and so on and so forth. To avoid these eye problems, first of all, you should control your time spent in playing the video games, for example, two or three hours per day. Secondly, during the time when you are playing the games, you should stop at least every thirty or forty minutes to watch objects in long distance and green objects for a rest, and do some eye exercises by massaging the eye sockets with your fingers. Thirdly, drink more water and eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as some cod-liver oil. After playing the games, you had better wash your face and eyes clean,and have adequate rest for your eyes.