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Jackson raphael


Can contact lenses cause ulcers?

I like to wear contact lenses. But my friend said wearing too much contact lenses can cause damages to corner. Can contact lenses cause ulcers?
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  • walkmen123


    Yes, contact lenses can cause ulcers. Ulcers are always caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or a parasite. When you wear contact lenses, your lenses may appear acanthamoeba keratitis which will lead to ulcers. The cleaning solution of contact lenses may be full of acanthamoeba keratitis as well if you just make solution by yourself at home. What is more, fungal keratitis may be the cause of ulcers when people have suffered a corneal injury or a suppressed immune system.
  • Mariah shelley


    Yes, if you wear too much contact lenses, it is possible for you to get corneal ulcers.Researchers have given us a record: people who wearing contact lens about 9 times more likely to develop corneal ulcers than non-wearers. You need to be aware of the corneal ulcer risk from extended contact lens use. It is the extended use, without removal, that creates the risk since eyes need a break from contact lens wear.
  • b1t3_m3_8748


    Yes,it's very likely. Wearing too much contact lenses can cause damages to corner ,which may also will cause infection, and most corneal ulcers are caused by infections. Bacterial infections cause corneal ulcers and are common in people who wear contact lenses. So the infection caused by wearing your contact lenses too long can more likely cause corneal ulcers. BTW, you cannot wear contacts too long, that will damage your eyes. Buy contact solution to soak them in overnight. Your eyes hurt and feel itchy when they are dry, you should buy eye drops also.