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Does anynow know ho makes diesel sunglasses?

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  • walkingaround


    Diesel is very satisfied with the results of this innovative service and they are sure our clients will also appreciate purchasing modern eyewear and optical articles in a really easy way. They feel they are now closer to all our customers everywhere in the world. In a word, they are made by Americans in the United States and are currently running on a global basis.
  • evilrain


    My friend told me that the Diesel brand were built when jeans were created. Diesel sunglasses are filled with agressiveness and irony. They already became new fasion trend among the people who ages 15--40. is a hot site that offers much information about diesel sunglasses styles and prices.
  • walkinginlight


    The founder of Diesel is Renzo Rosso.The Diesel brand was born when jeans were created in 1978 in Italy, with purpose of combining aggressiveness and irony and always remaining at the cutting edge of new fashion trends. The sunglasses are made for a young public, aged between 15 and 40 years, of both genders. And now, the famous brand with livingness, Diesel, there are totally over 200 specialty stores all over the world, with circa 1.2 billion dollars of annual sales volume.