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What happens if you blink during laser eye surgery?

Can i blink my eyes when i take a laser eye surgery? What will happen if i do it?
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  • charming_qtee


    During the surgery, your eyes will be held open and it is impossible for you to blink your eyes. At the beginning of the surgery, you are given some drugs that can calm you down. A certain kind of eye drops is applied to numb and paralyze the muscles around your eyes. Injections which disable you to feel and see are also used. So, you will have no urge to blink. To further prevent you from blinking, your eyes will be held open by a metal device. Eye drops are also used to add moisture to your eyes. So you need not worry about the consequence of blinking eyes, for this cannot happen. In addition, in the whole process of surgery, you will feel neither painful nor uncomfortable.
  • Vanessa george


    You should better not blink your eyes and follow what the doctor tells you. However your unconscious blink will not affect the laser eye surgery because of the high speed of laser. You need to protect the eyes carefully after the surgery. You should keep the light diet. In addition, you should also have the good rest for the eyes which is the very important step for the health of eyes.
  • Zoe may


    Generally speaking, you shall not blink your eyes when you are taking a laser eye surgery. Otherwise, your retina will be damaged. But it is not likely that your eyes will blink during the process of the surgery, because there will be a kind of professional eye speculum that fix your eyes to keep in the open state in case that you blink during the surgery. And you will not feel much uncomfortable, because the doctor will apply some narcotic into your eyes in case that you feel fatigue and dry in your eyes.