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Robert ja


Can glasses correct macular degeneration?

Some people with macular degeneration are often wearing reading glasses. Can glasses correct macular degeneration? How?
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  • Jordan Brown


    Generally speaking, wearign reading glasses is not very much helpful in treating macular degeneration. This is because the cause of macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is usually the consequences of the venerable age degeneration with the increasing age. The retina organism become vestigial and thinner with the aging of the retinal pigment epithelium, as well as the vascular sclerosis in the choroid membrances, which all lead to the decline of functions of the macula lutea. Therefore, macular degeneration usually presents itself as getting sharply decreased eyesight. And these problems can not be solved by just wearing a pair of reading glasses. To treat macular degeneration, you can take in zinc gluconate, antioxidant such as vitamin C and E. You can also use transpupillary thermotherapy, or photodynamic therapy. when you have to go out on sunny days, you had better wear a pair of sunglasses with the functions of screening off ultraviolet rays, and blue rays so as to decrease as much as possible the damage to the retina cells.
  • DOUGLAS Fritch


    When people have macular degeneration, a special kind of glasses will help to maintain and improve their sight as much as possible. Macular degeneration usually occurs to elder people. When they have this condition, their vision in the center of the visual field will lose due to the damage in the retina. Actually, the glasses have no function of restoring the sight areas that have lost. This condition has dry and wet forms. Macular degeneration results in blindness or impaired vision. When people are suffering from macular degeneration, they probably need a pair of glasses to solve the visual problem. Before getting a pair of glasses for this purpose, one must consult an optometrist to decide which kind of glasses is most suitable.
  • maria calderin


    Actually the reading glasses will not correct macular degeneration. But they will help people with macular degeneration see things clearly. Once you get the macular degeneration, you need to go to see the doctor and have the full check on the eyes. The sooner medical treatment will make you get recovery soon. You should take notice of it.