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Is it weird that my eyes change colour?

I find that my eye color has changed as time goes by. Is this normal?
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  • walking_poeticx


    Well, it is not for your eyes to have change on eye color. Exactly, people are born with certain, different eye color. For example, some people have black eyes. And of course, in common, the eye color will not change with time. But on the other hand, according to some researches, eye color can just change with emotion and weather. Also, temperature can just has effect on eye color too. For example, when you are very angry, it will just make your eye color become darker than normal. Of course, some eye surgery, even some eye diseases can just make your eye color change. But that can be a sign of serious disease. So just be careful about it.
  • b3aut1fl_d1zast


    Yes, in some cases it is normal that the eyes of human beings could change their colors with the time going by. First of all, many babies may be born to have light-color eyes, such as light green, light blue. However, as they grow up, the colors of their eyes may gradually become deeper and deeper, like deep green or deep blue. But when they grow to a certain age, their eye colors will hardly change. This is usually because of the deposit of melanin on the matrix before the iris of the eyes accumulate with the increasing age. On the other hands, some people get their eye colors changed because of some eye diseases, such as glaucoma which presents itself as green eyes, heterochrome eye symfrom which can be caused by trauma. You had better go to the doctor's to take an eye examination so as to find out the exact cause of your eye color changing.
  • Sara


    Yes, it is not normal and strange for you to change the eye color with the time. Usually the color of the eyes is determined by the genetic genes which will not change easily. Once your color of the eyes is changed, you should better check whether there is the problem for your whole body. You need to protect the eyes carefully.