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Michelle percy


How to use sweet almond oil for dark circles ?

I read online that almond oil can help reduce dark circles. Is this true? If so, how to use sweet almond oil for dark circles.
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  • fergus


    As far as i know, almond oil can help reduce dark circles in some ways. The almond oil is good for dark circle by providing nutrition to your eyes and stimulating the blood circulation around the eyes. But i still suggest you test you skin to make sure that the almond oil is not allergic to your skin before you use it. The most essential way to use is massaging with it. Softly and slowly massage the skin around eyes and then put a warm compress on eyes to promote absorption effect. Keep doing these for a period of time, i promise you will see the changes obviously. Good luck.
  • Ariana


    Yes, sweet almond oil can be helpful to some extent in reducing the dark circles. This is because the sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, E and other nutrients such as proteins, fatty acid, and so on, all of which are very good for removing the dark circles. It can enhance the ability of cells to transport the oxygen, so as to removing the skin fatigue and the accumulation of carbonic acid in the skin cells. It can also resist crease, whiten the skins, promote the tissue regeneration, screen off the ultraviolet rays, and so on. You can use the pure sweet almond oil to spread on the dark circles, and massage with your fingers for a minute or two. You had better keep doing this everyday, two or three times each day. Or you can also mix other eye care such as oliver oil or aloe vera gel with the sweet almond oil, and then apply the mixture to your dark circles.
  • walkdawalk23


    Yep, there are so many oils can help reduce dark circles. For example, cypress oil, olive oil, lavender oil. They effects are all pretty good, but not a panacea for dark circle. Moreover, you have to pay attention to your living habits, don't sit for too long at the computer, television. Notice to rest more at ordinary times, only in this way can you solve the problem completely.