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How to improve your eyesight in a day?

Is there any quick way to improve eyesight in a day? How? Please give me some good suggestion?
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  • evelyn


    I do not think there is a quick way to improve eyesight in a day, it takes time to improve. I'd like to give you some constructive tips. Firstly, to improve the eyesight, proper intake of key nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, fish oil and pure water are essential. Foods rich of vitamin A include livers, milk, eggs and vegetal foods like carrots, amaranth, spinaches, leek, green pepper and sweet potatoes, and foods rich of vitamin C include cucumber, cabbages, dates. Fish oil is a fatty acid that can be found in coldwater fish like salmon, krill, cod and tuna. You can incorporate these dietary powerhouses into your daily nutritional regimen. Secondly, exercising your eyes can improve your vision. You can warm up your eyes, roll them and massage your temples. Thirdly, you need to rest your eyes and avoid straining them. After reading or facing the computer screen for 50 minutes, you should rest your eyes for 10 minutes. Ensure that you have a high quality sleep for 7 to 8 hours per night. In addition, you should try to avoid fluorescent lights, dim lights, air conditioning and heating as much as possible. Do not rub your eyes and give up smoking if you did.
  • Saarah


    Well, if you just want to see things clearer, you can try contact lens. People will not know you are myopia if he does not look carefully. However if you want to improve your eyesight in nature, that is impossible. Even if you accept lasik surgery, you will need time to recover. So I suggest you do the following advices, and your eyesight will improve someday. Try not watch computer, marcophone, Tv for a long time. Take a rest every one hour and look far into the distance. Relax your eyes' muscle. By doing this, I believe your vision will be improved.
  • hall


    Yes, there is the way for you to improve eyesight in a day. You could have the good rest for the eyes. You could also eat more food with vitamin C. You could drink more tea to moisture the eyes. You could also use some eye drops to moisture the eyes. You should look far through the window often to adjust the visual side.
  • hill


    We can follow some tips to enhance our eyesight, like diet, exercise, good habits and so on. 1. Have a healthy diet in your daily life. Vitamins are strongly needed, because Vitamin A is beneficial to night eyesight and Vitamin E is good to macular degeneration and cataracts prevention. Fish is rich for Omega-3 fatty acids, which is responsible for preventing dry-eye syndrome. It is better to have fish every other day, but if you do not like fish very much, you can resort to fish oil supplements. Red onions, instead of the yellow onions, are more contributed to cataracts prevention. 2. Have enough rest. Strain is considered to be the main factor of eye problem. Working, reading and watching for a long time is not welcome by eyes, for this will lead to defective vision. 3. Do regular eye exercise. You can shift your vision from far to near objects several times to train your eye muscles. Or try to learn some way to do eye exercise to perform it by yourself while you are free. Doing Eye exercise can fight back against eye problems, like premature loss if vision, eye diseases and so on. 4. Form good habits. Remember to wear goggles while swimming or diving, for the salt or chlorine in sea or swimming pool will do harm to your eyes. If your job is involved in some kind of manual activity, you are also suggested to wear protective eye-gear to prevent debris or dirt into your eyes, thus having a bad effect on your vision. Do not sit right under the vent of air-conditioner, in that way, the air will blow at your eyes directly therefore causing dry eyes, corneal abrasion and the worst consequence of blindness. It is better to wear sunglasses to protect eyes from sunshine and wind while outside. Having regular checkup on your eyes is a very rewarding thing. As if you can find your eye problem earlier, the possibility that the disease can be cured is greatly increased. We are supposed to enhance our eyesight in the long run. Though eyeglasses, contacts and surgeries can correct your vision immediately, they have risks more or less. However, the four tips above are just natural and safe ways to enhance your vision gradually. So start now to enhance our eyesight by following the mentioned instructions.

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