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Why contact lens hygiene is important to eye safety ?

My mom said that contact lenses hygiene is very important for our eyes. Why? How can contact lenses affect on our eyes?
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  • ryan


    Yes, your mom is right. Ignoring contact lens hygiene your eye may get infected. In most cases, you may infect keratitis. It is an infection of cornea. And this may cause blurry vision, red eye, eye pain, tearing and other inflammations. In short, poor hygiene will increase the risk of developing eye diseases, as well as wear for too long and improper cleaning. So whether you wear you contact lens or remove it, you should wash your hands carefully. And do not wear other's contact lens. Third, go to see your eye doctor if you find the above symptoms.
  • gary


    Doing good jod of contact lenses hygiene is indeed very important for our eyes. This is because that the contact lenses are directly in touch with our eyeballs, which makes it easily for our eyes to get infected by viruses or bacteria if the lenses are not clean. In addition, wearing eye contact lenses can to some extent hinder the normal transportation of the water and oxygen from the air outside the eyes through the cornea, and if the contact lenses are not clean or wearing them for too long, the eyes will get dry and fatigue, or even cause corneal lesion. Also, in some cases the contact lenses which have been put on the front of the eyeballs can move to somewhere else, which can cause friction to the cornea and lead to corneal ulceration. Therefore, you should pay attention to use lens care solution to clean the contact lenses every time before you wear them, and store them in clean lens container filled with fresh care solution everyday after taking them off.
  • Alissa


    As we know, the contact lenses are directly worn on the surface of the eyeballs. If you don't keep the hygiene, the invisible bacterium on the contact lenses will directly affect your eyeballs. Your eyes will get infection easily which will cause your eyes problems. You need to pay attention to it. You should not wear the contact lenses for more than 8 hours a day which will cause the dryness of the lenses. It will affect your eyes, too.

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