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Who makes arsenal sunglasses?

Have you heard of arsenal sunglasses? Do you guys know who manufactures arsenal sunglasses
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  • Adam tuener


    The arsenal sunglasses are made in USA from the arsenal company. Talking about the arsenal sunglasses, we will think about the famous arsenal optix poralized sunglasses with 100% polarized function. The Polarized sunglass lens technology provides layers of glare and UV protection. It is so durable, using the lightweight and comfortable materials which make Arsenal? Optix versatile for any outdoor sport or activity. Arsenal? Optix is fully loaded for the speed of sport. If you have the special needs at the polarized function, you could choose this type.
  • elbcoastboy


    Well, as a matter of fact, Arsenal is an English football club in the Premier League, but they have not yet got involved in making sunglasses. However, a Chinese businessman took advantage of their carelessness and has thus registered their name to produce sunglasses. So, the conflict between Arsenal and the Chinese manufacturer began. Now you see it is made by Chinese
  • Jordan owen


    Arsenal sunglasses are made by Hollywood. Conservative classic styles , high technology and provides layers of glare and UV protection, durable, lightweight and comfortable materials are attracting by many people. Bestbuyeyeglasses is a hot site that can offer you so much wonderful designers and give you a deep discount on some styles.

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