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Can sinus infection cause blocked tear duct?

I just want to know if sinus infection lead to blocked tear duct? Is it possible to happen?
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  • cthier


    Yes, it is possible to get tear duct blocked from sinus infection. For me, it is easy to understand why. We all know that glands on eyelids will produce tears to lubricate and nourish eyes. Tears will travel down to nasal cavity through the internal duct from eyes. Sinus infection refers to infection or inflammation of sinuses and nasal passages. Symptoms of sinus infection include runny nose, sore throat, bad breathe, nasal congestion and thick secretion. It is very possible to cause tear duct blocked from the nasal congestion. You should treat your sinusitis in time, to avoid tear duct blockage. Put a humidifier in your room during sleeping to reduce the irritation brought from dry air. Reduce sodium and alcohol in your diet.
  • walkendeath


    Yes, it is possible that sinus infection lead to blocked tear duct. A blocked tear duct is a condition that tears draining from the eyes is obstructed or fails to open properly. Sinus infection, as well as other eye infection and inflammation will make a covering on the eye and the tear duct system may become infected and blocked, and you can get blocked tear duct.
  • Zachary


    In general, blocked tear duct can causes a series problems. While some nose problems are also causes of blocked tear duct. It's really a bad and terrible thing to suffer blocked tear duct is not a good thing. Blocked tear duct is the pathway partial or complete blockage, which most commonly occurs on new born babies. But it does not mean that adults can avoid it. Sinus infection can spread through anastomosing veins or by direct extension to close structures. Allergies is one of causes of sinus infection. If you have sinus infection, your condition will be much worse when you get cold. I have two friends who are suffering sinus infection and they said their nose always have something and cannot get out of them. Fortunately, they don't infect blocked tear duct. So you should pay attention to your health. When you get sinus infection, stay at home and take some medicines under the instruction of a doctor. You also need to avoid cold in that cold may lead to blocked tear duct according to your conditions. If you already have blocked tear duct, thus doctor's suggestions are so vital. Good luck for you.