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Does cucumber help sore eyes?

I got sore eyes. Can i use cucumber to help it?
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  • Jonathan tuener


    Cucumber can help people in many aspects, its slice can help people get rid of tired eyes, it can reduce dark circle under eyes, and it also works for eye bags. Sore eyes occur as one of the symptoms of tiredness, so cucumber can help sore eyes. Slice the cucumber, then put the slices on your eyes and the eye round skin. The moisture can refresh your eyes, then the tiredness disappear. By the way, ice bag or hot bag can also be helpful. Soak a soft cloth in a bottle of cold water or hot water, then apply the cloth on your eyes.
  • James green


    The treatments of sore eyes can be conducted at home which are called natural treatments. Among natural treatments of sore eyes the use of cucumber is considered to be very easy and effective. Just get a fresh cucumber and slice it into several pieces and every apply two pieces respectively over the two eyes for 30 minutes. And your sore eyes will be alleviated and much better.
  • etilnus


    In my views, cucumber is the best food in the world in that they can offer abundant vitamins and help with many eye problems and skin disorders. If you suffer sore eyes, I seriously tell you have a good rest and stay fit. Sore eyes combined with a dry, gritty feeling could be caused by dry eye syndrome. Generally speaking, sore eyes are eye pain. Well, many eye problems are causes of sore eyes, such as allergies and eye infections, black eyes and injured eyes. Cucumber has a magic power to heal sore eyes. You can apply cucumber slice on your eyes for 10 minutes twice everyday. You eyes must fresh after that and your skin will also absorb the vitamins and minerals which stocks in cucumber. Just because cucumber has a high value of meditation and cosmetology functions, they are used in cosmetics and medicines. We can see cucumber facial cleanser, cucumber eye oil and ointments. Plus, although cucumber has a good effect on sore eyes, you still need to see a doctor to receive proper treatments.

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