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Luke oliver


Can b12 deficiency cause eye floaters?

Is b12 very important to eyes? Can b12 deficiency cause eye floaters? Why or why not?
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  • Gabriel


    Yes, Vitamin b12 is very important to eyes. For many adults, the complication of vision changes, or eye disorders are commonly linked with nutritional deficiency. And deficiency of Vitamin b12 contribute to the causes of eye floaters. Nutritional deficiency can cause many eye disease. Eat a lot vegetable in your daily life to avoid these eye disease.
  • b0w_d0wn_2_me


    Well, yes, I have to say that vitamin b12 deficiency will cause eye floaters. Generally speaking, according to some experts, vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin. And with it, your body can achieve the production of red blood cells and to maintain the central nervous system. On the other hand, if you have vitamin b12 deficiency, autonomic nerve damage may occur. And then it can lead to symptoms such as eye floaters. Also, blurred vision can be possible too. To treat it, of course, you need to consume foods rich in B12 such as fish, poultry and eggs. Anyway, just pay more attention to it.
  • adams


    Vitamin B12 can also be called Anacobin, Berubigen, Cobalin, Cyanocobalamin, Dobetin, and Vibicon. It can prevent pernicious anemia, maintain the health of the nervous system, promote the metabolism of arbohydrate, fat and protein. It is very important to the growth of infants and children. It can enhance memory and sense of balance, etc. Vitamin B12 deficiency can make eyes become more yellow. Eye floater may not be connected with vitamin b12 deficiency.
  • Darek Darkowski


    I wonder how someone must be stupid to wrote such B-S Gabriel b0w_d0wn_2_me if you are incompetent then dont wrote anything.A vitamin B-12 deficiency will not cause floaters to appear in your vision. THere is no even one study showing that

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