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Bruce Robot


Why do children wear eye patches?

I see some children wear eye patches. Is it for fun? Why do children wear eye patches?
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  • manny


    No, eye patch is not only for fun. It can be very effective in improving the sight in the lazy eye, which occurs when one eye has weaker vision than the other one in early stage. Eye patch is most effective before a child reaches seven or eight years of age. Most children will need to wear the patch for 3 to 4 hours a day for several weeks. It involves placing a patch with a sticky rim is over the good eye thus the lazy eye is forced to work. The length of time the child will need to wear the patch will depend on how old they are, how serious the problem is and how much they co-operate with wearing the patch. They should have a follow up check after three months, although this could be more frequent.
  • Austin shelley


    It is not for fun. Some children wear the eye patches to protect their eyes. Some eye patches have the medical function which will improve the eye vision to some degree. When children are born to have the lazy eyes, they will use the eye patches to make the eyes improve the vision.
  • Erin jackson


    Well, actually, there are many children who are wearing eye patches. First, you should know that eye patch is really beneficial, especially to some kids who have got the lazy eyes. By putting on the eye patch, it can help them correct the vision so that it can do a good job to the eyes. Generally speaking, children have more sensitive eyes, so it is essential to take some measures to protect their eyes, so that their can avoid some eye diseases. This is also another reason. By the way, you should know that these eye patches for kids are usually made of a soft cloth which tied to an elastic band. Then that is long enough to go around the head. So it will not make the child feel uncomfortable when wearing them. In my opinion, it is very suitable for kids because kids are always naughty. Anyway, it will be a good choice for the kids. So this is why many children wear them.