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Are optometrists able to tell if sunglasses have UV protection?

I am not sure the sunglasses I bought in the high street have UV protection,there is no brand or sticker.If I take these to an optometrist , can they tell whether or not they have UV protection?
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Answers (3)

  • Tyler george


    You should take your glasses to optometrists, they would be able to tell you if your sunglasses have UV protection.
  • Brooke peters


    Yes. The optometrists can tell whether the sunglasses have UV protection or not. You just take them to any optometrist and he will check it and let you know.
  • Eliza


    I am not sure if the optometrist can tell whether the sunglasses have UV protection. But I have heard that there is a machine to test how much UV rays can the sunglasses block.You can have a ask in the optical store.